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A blog about news and issues concerning men and women returning to society after incarceration.

Foxhole Character

My friend Chris was a Vietnam vet. He had the medals, a limp and a twitch to prove it.  When he didn’t trust somebody he’d say, “I don’t want that guy anywhere near my foxhole.”  I’ve never been in combat but I understood perfectly what he meant.  To Chris, the measure of a person’s character is whether or not he could trust them in times of trouble.  

Most people can be trusted when things are going well but what about when the bullets start flying?    Would they...

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Some Truth About Prison

Mr. Smith, a former State Senator from Missouri, served a prison sentence.  He covers some great topics; Recidivism, forgiveness, rehabilitation, prison culture, etc.  If you are interested in reentry, it's worth the hour to watch it.  

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Goldilocks Didn't Have Self-esteem Issues

When Goldilocks entered the home of the three bears she had a choice.  Her thrill seeking behavior aside, let’s look at those choices.  Trying the first bed, her arm went numb before she fell asleep; it was too hard.  The second seemed softer but after a few minutes the mattress sagged so much it seemed more like a hammock than a bed; it was too soft. After climbing into the third, however, she fell fast asleep; it was just right.  
Goldilocks was only making choices about her...

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Trophies, Sin And Forever

A man at church related the following story;  He said there was a testimony night at his old church.  You know, where members of the body get up and give their personal testimonies. And at their church, he emphasized, testimonies could be long and interesting.  One night a man gets up to the microphone and goes through this list of at least 50 items; drunken driving, drugs, cussing being the most prominent sins on it.  "Yet,” the man concluded.  “God still forgave me.   Praise...

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Why We Started 7-70

Seneca Crane: Everyone likes an underdog. 
President Snow: I don't.

 – From The Hunger Games

Besides President Snow, who doesn’t love underdogs? Who didn’t cheer for the misfit Cleveland Indians in Major League?  How about Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice?  How about them Cubs?  I love underdogs.

It’s because we love underdogs that my wife, a few good friends and I created 7-70 Re-entry Services.  We serve men and women getting out of prison.  These returning...

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