An Introduction
7-70 is a faith-based organization helping individuals make successful transitions to freedom. We assess each person’s unique needs and develop a custom plan then provide/connect individuals with the needed services and tools necessary to discover and fulfill their life’s purpose.

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Our Passion
We are passionate professionals who understand the challenges faced by the incarcerated, their loved ones, and their communities. Two of our founders have children who have been incarcerated for drug and alcohol issues. We understand first hand the challenges returning citizens face. We understand the principles of tough love, yet we also understand that nothing is more important to a successful re-entry than a helper who offers unconditional love, truth and dedication to the returnee in a Christ-like fashion. Our passion for 7-70 is a result of a lifetime of struggles and our sincere desire to use what we have learned to help others in transition.

Our Skill Set
Five years ago, 7-70 began as a help ministry of a very special church. The pastor, a retired police officer, lead a congregation where 30% of its members were at one time or another incarcerated. Not only has the transformation of these men and women taught us valuable lessons and skills but they also give us a pool of trained and qualified volunteers. In addition, our staff brings 30+ years experience in human services, assessment, case management, non-profit and profit management, direct care, skill building, development, counseling, mentoring, employment and life coaching. Among them are a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and a Board Certified Life Coach.

Our Elevating Purpose
Our vision goes beyond just getting our clients back on their feet. We empower individuals ready and able to give back to actively impact their communities by mentoring others, to recognize and advocate for grass roots development projects. When our clients show entrepreneurial aptitude, we will provide support and training to start and lead new organizations. 7-70 will continue to offer support to those who choose this path in activities such as grant writing, project planning and community training seminars.